Monday, December 29, 2008

Let God Love

This title was SUPER easy to come up with, but has been my struggle for a long time. Let God love. Let Him love what you It's that simple. And it seems strange that this is a struggle. I am a very loving person, and I know that is something people would say about me. And, for anyone that knows God, love comes straight from him. 1 John 4:16 says, "God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God." So how is it that I am able to be a loving person and at the same time be a person that struggles to let God (who is love) love me?

I just finished reading Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. Here are my final comments:

I am blown away. I am most blown away with how much, how often God pours his unfailing love on me. My eyes were opened to why I long for love, relationships, comfort from people. that is who God created me, Dina Coverstone, to be. But, before it can happen with people, it MUST happen with God. He needs to be my main man, the one I run to in all circumstances.

So, I have been reflecting on my life since October when I really seemed to hit rock-bottom. I have been noting how God showed this unconditional, unfailing love to me and I want to share some things with you.

1. He loved on my through people. I have 3 friends who were in contact with me daily! It was inevitable that one of them would call or text me every day just to remind me of who I am, who
God created me to be, and that I was loved.

2. I live with 2 amazing friends right now that I can freely talk about my struggles and hopes and
dreams with. I do not doubt that God placed me here for this season as His hedge of protection
and encouragement.

3. I was able to go to Colorado over Thanksgiving to spend some time with my best friend and her
husband (hadn't seen then since June). Karissa and I were able to spend lots of time together
talking, laughing, and sharing some struggles with one another. And the best thing about it
all...she (nor Luke) did not condemn, frown, or bat an eye at what I shared with her. Instead, I was
encouraged and love in the midst of what I was going through. No better example of the love that
Jesus pours over us.

4. I saw the Rocky Mountains. How does God show His love through mountains. Well, if you have
seen them you know what I mean. If you haven't, you need to. As I was flying from Denver to
Dallas, I was completely captivated by these mountains. I could not stop staring out the window of
the plane. They were majestic. There was a slight covering of snow. They stretched as far as my
eyes could see. God did not have to make them, but he chose to reveal himself that way. He
loves us enough to make the earth a place of beauty.

5. I have spent so much time with my family. Despite the fact that most of them don't want anything
to do with God, they are very loving. I have never spent time with them and not felt loved for just
being Dina. Funny to me how that works, yet God knew I needed loved on.

6. Christmas Break. I have been able to spend time with some fabulous friends that I don't get to
see very often. It was so good to just love and be loved on by people.

There are many other ways that God has loved on me, but these are some major things that couldn't be ignored. I have been learning so much about God's love. Some days it is a no-brainer and other days it is a struggle. The God of all creation (did you catch that) loves me. He loves me in a way that no one, no thing can ever love me. Now, if I would just let Him.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son..." -John 3:16