Sunday, January 29, 2012

How am I doing so far?

I cannot, CANNOT, believe that it is the end of January!!!! I don't know about you, but I like to keep in check with my goals as the year goes. SO, below are my goals. Progress for January is in red.

become a better student of the Word
- have been reading and journaling 2-4 times each week
be healthier - got the myfitnesspal app on my phone and am using it!!! even ate veggies today!
blog at least once every two weeks - had a 3 week lapse in there, but trying
work on the landscaping - it's winter....
paint all the white walls in my house
get a 4.0 in grad school - on track after 2 semesters!
read Harry Potter series (2nd time) - am through book 3
be debt free (minus my mortgage) - January budget has me in the clear by $130 (putting toward debt)
buy new furniture - waiting on tax return, but I did paint some picture frames to put up :)

I have been having some intense Jesus time and it feels so good. I have some big things coming ahead of me personally, but I know that God will walk me through step-by-step. If you feel led to pray, I would be humbled. God is definitely at work in my heart and it feels good, exhausting but good!

How are you all doing on your goals?

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Let the CRAZINESS Begin!

After 4 VERY nice weeks of a more relaxed schedule, it is time to start the craziness again! School started up this past Wed. It was nice to go back to a 3-day week. Spring semester of Grad school starts tomorrow. 3rd grade basketball club (3:15-4 for 7 days) begins tomorrow!!! I also start the Jillian Michaels 30-day shred tomorrow....

I do enjoy a full schedule. Last semester I didn't do so well balancing teaching, school, God, and life. I am planning on doing better. It is so much to balance and I tend to get INCREDIBLY overwhelmed at times. It is also super tough for me to say no to friends and family who want to hang out or spend time together.

I am currently reading Lady in Waiting. It is a wonderful book/study on bettering myself, through God's eyes, from the inside out. One thing that has been reiterated to me is the importance of having Christ first in all I do. Being a single person, living by myself, I can get very wrapped up in me. When this happens my stress level is through the roof and I get very world-focused. These past 4 weeks have been good: I have slowed down a TON!!! I was reminded of the importance of and friends. I need that to keep me fueled.

So, off I head into the craziness of being Dina. I am filled up and ready for this next 16 weeks. I would be humbled by your prayers. I have goals that I want to stick to:
1. God time daily
2. Keep up with teaching (planning, grading)
3. Grad school (putting my BEST effort forth)
4. exercise
5. family and friend time
6. daily household things :)

And please, if you ask me to do something and my answer is "no" or "I can't", don't be offended.

Much love and God bless!

Monday, January 02, 2012

Holy Crap, it's 2012!

Is it me or does it seem weird that we are already in 2012? I cannot believe another year is upon us!

I am sure everyone is making resolutions for the new year. I get tired of them honestly. I've made some resolutions, start out gung-ho, then never follow through. But I am going to try again this year with hope that I will follow through.

This year's goals:
become a better student of the Word
be healthier
blog at least once every two weeks
work on the landscaping around my house
paint all the white walls in my house
get a 4.0 in grad school
finish reading the Harry Potter series (time number 2 through it)
be debt free (minus my mortgage)
buy new furniture

I always look forward to a new year. You can see my 2011 recap here.

Happy 2012 to you all!