Sunday, January 08, 2012

Let the CRAZINESS Begin!

After 4 VERY nice weeks of a more relaxed schedule, it is time to start the craziness again! School started up this past Wed. It was nice to go back to a 3-day week. Spring semester of Grad school starts tomorrow. 3rd grade basketball club (3:15-4 for 7 days) begins tomorrow!!! I also start the Jillian Michaels 30-day shred tomorrow....

I do enjoy a full schedule. Last semester I didn't do so well balancing teaching, school, God, and life. I am planning on doing better. It is so much to balance and I tend to get INCREDIBLY overwhelmed at times. It is also super tough for me to say no to friends and family who want to hang out or spend time together.

I am currently reading Lady in Waiting. It is a wonderful book/study on bettering myself, through God's eyes, from the inside out. One thing that has been reiterated to me is the importance of having Christ first in all I do. Being a single person, living by myself, I can get very wrapped up in me. When this happens my stress level is through the roof and I get very world-focused. These past 4 weeks have been good: I have slowed down a TON!!! I was reminded of the importance of and friends. I need that to keep me fueled.

So, off I head into the craziness of being Dina. I am filled up and ready for this next 16 weeks. I would be humbled by your prayers. I have goals that I want to stick to:
1. God time daily
2. Keep up with teaching (planning, grading)
3. Grad school (putting my BEST effort forth)
4. exercise
5. family and friend time
6. daily household things :)

And please, if you ask me to do something and my answer is "no" or "I can't", don't be offended.

Much love and God bless!


Jess said...

I just love how your share your heart! I will totally keep you in my prayers! And of course, I would never get offended for you saying no!!..just know that we love you :)

Shannon said...

I get sad when you have to say no, but I understand :) Love you my dear friend!!!!!

Angie Deak said...

Always praying for you, my friend. And after reading this, I feel very fortunate that you are able to come on the 27th. I can't wait to hang!