Monday, April 02, 2012

I miss things

It is Spring Break (THANK YOU, JESUS!) and I am chugging away on my work for grad school. It is hard, not necessarily the content but the continual "I can't, I have grad work to do," reason for not being able to do things.

It is sad for me. I am such a social and relational person. I believe God made me this way and it really stinks that it is hindered by grad school which I need in order to carry out some long-term professional goals that involve relational teaching and sharing my love for teaching. (Nice run-on sentence by the teacher.)


I have been distracted today. The weather is SOOOOOO nice and I want to call my friend, Shannon, to go play with her and her kids. Or, I want to go for a walk with someone. Or I would like to get a beverage and sit outside to talk. But I can't. I am reading Development Through the Lifespan chapters 12-14. B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!!

You know what else I want to for FUN: blogs, books, facebook, magazines, anything that does not require me to process someone's higher level thinking on paper and regurgitate it for a dumb test.

So, yeah, I miss things. I know this is a season right now. I know that I really am learning things that will help me to be a better teacher. But I miss things....

(only 9 months to go)