Thursday, May 15, 2008


Many of you know that I am a 5th grade teacher. Well, the end of any school year (we have 10 more days) brings SO MUCH CHAOS! I feel like I am going hour-by-hour and sometimes even minute-by-minute. Last night I got to bed at 1:00 AM! Today has been rough. My kids are getting super chatty, knowing that summer is just around the corner - I can't blame them. However, we still have things to get done.

This week has been exceptionally busy for me. Here's the rundown (mind you I have been at school by 6:45 AM at the latest each day):

Monday - school (begin lit. circles), McDonald's Teacher night, walk with mom

Tuesday - school (Middle School orientation, nails, staff retirement dinner (missed Bible study)

Wednesday - school (testing, DARE dog, DARE Graduation practice, DARE Graduation), visit friend who had a baby, HS small groups, stayed and visited way too late

Thursday - school (testing), work out, walk with mom, basketball practice, grade papers

Friday - school (Field Day, games, snake program), crash at home

Why am I running down my list you ask? Well, notice what is missing from every day but one....God time. I hate when I get so busy that I miss out on my God time. Or should I say, "I hate when I push my God time back to make room for other things." It has been evident to me too. I am grouchy and moody and emotional and tired. I am not ever being refreshed.

Chaos. It makes me crazy. I just want to stop and make myself make time for what my soul needs. I wonder when I will really do it?