Saturday, February 09, 2013

I'm a fighter!

I'm a fighter now.  I'm fighting to be a better Dina. 

My church, Vineyard, started a fight club for women.  It is 10 weeks of spiritual, physical, emotional, and lifestyle challenges.  Each week presents new challenges as we (there are 50+ women) strive to better our whole selves.  We have to fast from 4 things: Facebook, alcohol, scales, and a personal choice.  I chose to give up music/tv when I sleep.  It was a really rough week to start with.  I wasn't sleeping much because it was too quiet.  Already though I have learned to just ask God to bring me sleep.  I have had some of the BEST sleep of my life!  We also have rules and breaking a rule results in a strike (3 strikes and you're out).  So, it is a true CHALLENGE!

Each week we are focusing on a different fruit of the spirit.  This week, the focus was on love.  I will share what I posted on our website:

Daddy's  Girl
      I am a daddy's girl and I am proud of it.  Over the last year I have been on a journey.  That journey has involved taking stock of my relationship with my dad.  I have a wonderful dad.  He has been my hero for as long as I can remember.  I have never questioned his love, support, encouragement, or heart for me in over 32 years...NOT ONCE!
      As I settled in Tuesday night for my quiet time, I reminisced the evening.  Dad and I had gone to a basketball game (something we do's our thing).  Dad had gone to get some water.  An acquaintance came into the game and asked if I came to the game without dad.  I replied, "I'm a daddy's girl when it comes to basketball.  You should know that I don't do this without him."  I chuckled as did the other person.  That was that.
      Back to my quiet time...I was listening to "come away" by Jesus Culture.  The line "open up your heart, and let me in" began to resonate with me.  I kept thinking of that phrase, daddy's girl.  I thought about my relationship with my dad and how it is different from my relationship with God.  And God spoke to my heart.
      "When will you be THIS daddy's girl?  When will you open up your heart to let ME in?"  That was my question.  My heart broke.  Never, NEVER, have I doubted my relationship with my earthly father.  NEVER have I questioned his love or caring for me.  But, too often I question those things about my heavenly Father.  His LOVE is unconditional, unfailing, timeless, limitless.  Yet, I struggle and I question, and I put limits on God's love for me.
      So, my purpose for the next 10 weeks is to become a Daddy's girl!  I want to see God as the ULTIMATE daddy in my life and learn to not doubt Him.  I know that it is going to require me to seek God out, to view the Lord through new eyes, and to focus on love even after this week.  But, I am so ready for it!

 I am nervous, excited, and anxious about the next 9 weeks (this is the end of week 1).  If you have questions I would be happy to answer them.  And your prayers would be appreciated as I continue this journey.