Thursday, January 08, 2009

Tat update

Just wanted to say that my tattoo is healing very well. A little itchy, but doing great.

Also, I can't believe the comments I have had about it.....both on here and on my facebook.

It amazes me how we, in our human-ness, are so quick to give our opinion on something without knowing the full story. I have had several comments on facebook or in person of people expressing their.......dislike of tattoos. The great thing about that is that I get to share a piece of my personal testimony with them. If they mention something on facebook, I send them to my blog post about it. If I meet them in person I get to share with them, one-on-one.

Funny how God works. I got this tattoo as a very personal reminder of HIS love for me. And by having that reminder, I get to share HIS love with others.

Sure, I don't expect everyone to have the same opinion I do about tattoos. And I'm certainly not trying to judge those who do or don't have them. I'm just being bold enough to say that before we pass judgement, we need to seek out more of the story.

Jesus was a perfect example of this. Think of the accounts in the Gospels where Jesus "ran into" someone who was socially unacceptable. Do we read about him passing judgement (when he very well had the right to....I mean, he is God in flesh)? Do we read about him pointing fingers and telling all his friends about the outcast? Do we read about him blasting people with hatred? NO, NO, NO. We read about love. Love of God's children. Love of the lost. Love of the hurting. Love of our brothers and sisters.

So, a reminder for all of us (me too), be quick to LOVE and slow to judge.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Thoughts for a New Year

Cliche', I know. But, it is true. I wrote these down while eating breakfast on January 1 (and continued them on January 2). I debated whether or not to share my personal thoughts. This morning I was reading back through my journal, something I do often. I felt a nudge to share my new thoughts as this new year began. No doubt they will dig at people. I felt uncomfortable writing them and still felt uncomfortable as I read them this morning. I will let you decide for yourself.

It all started on New Year's Eve as J was giving a lesson to the youth. He said, "Have you ever reached such a low place that you wonder if it is all worth it? Not suicidal thoughts, but just wondered?" I began to realize right then, that this is kind of how I ended 2008 - wondering if it is worth it. I know that it is, but that doesn't make it easy. I'm constantly wondering what life has for me, how I can get what I want. Then I stop and remember . . . this life is not about me. It is about serving Jesus as best as I can. Then I think What is my best? What would it look like to serve Him the best that I can?"

I don't have the answer, but I know it is better than what I'm doing right now. I know it means continually giving my life, my whole life, over to the One who knows best. And that is hard - for whatever reason - it gets harder every day.

I'm sure it boils down to faith.

Simple, undamaged, raw faith.

Faith that doesn't want all the answers.

Faith that doesn't doubt that God has HIS best for me.

Faith that says, "I will go."

Jeremiah 9:11 says, "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord."

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Tattoo Fun

This post is just to show you some fun that I had on Friday with some friends of mine. J, Roblyn, G-Pack, and Jenna accompanied me to get my sweet new tattoo. It was loads of fun.

Please check out the post after this one. It gives a little more of my thoughts about my tattoo.

And yes, it did hurt. LOTS! Hahaha!

The King is Enthralled....

"The King is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord." (bold is mine)

enthralled - to hold spellbound; captivate

That has been a pretty powerful verse for the past 2 years. If you have kept up with my blog recently, you know that I just finished reading Captivating. I first read it a little over 2 years ago. Life was great, but this verse struck me. It is a beautiful verse. It tells exactly how God feels about women.

But, what does this verse mean to me.....As you can see, it meant enough that I got it permanently place on my foot (and boy did it hurt!). This verse is a reminder for me. A reminder that God is enthralled with my beauty and, therefore, I need to honor him for that. But what does that mean, "honor him"? In my recent journey, it means letting God love me. It means loving myself because the creator of all that was, is, and is to come found it esential that I be made. In HIS image. For HIS purpose.

I have been reflecting so much lately on how my life honors God.

Sometimes, it doesn't. I can be 100%, completely honest to say that too. I have spent nights filling my body with poison. I have engaged in activities that bring NO glory to God. I have said things that have caused pain to God's children. I have committed sin that has caused others to sin.

But then, there are times when I feel that I am doing all and giving all to serving the Lord. And I can honestly say that those have been some of the hardest and most joyous times of my life.

What is the difference? My attitude. When I really sit back and consider God - well, I am baffled. Overjoyed at the true mystery of this amazing, loving, right, just, compassionate, graceful, merciful God that I can call on any time. And then I remember what Psalm 45:11 says, "The King is enthralled by your beauty..." That is awesome. No matter what I go through, the stumbles, the falls, the highs, the lows, the KING of Kings is enthralled by my beauty. He looks at me and calls me his daughter.