Thursday, January 08, 2009

Tat update

Just wanted to say that my tattoo is healing very well. A little itchy, but doing great.

Also, I can't believe the comments I have had about it.....both on here and on my facebook.

It amazes me how we, in our human-ness, are so quick to give our opinion on something without knowing the full story. I have had several comments on facebook or in person of people expressing their.......dislike of tattoos. The great thing about that is that I get to share a piece of my personal testimony with them. If they mention something on facebook, I send them to my blog post about it. If I meet them in person I get to share with them, one-on-one.

Funny how God works. I got this tattoo as a very personal reminder of HIS love for me. And by having that reminder, I get to share HIS love with others.

Sure, I don't expect everyone to have the same opinion I do about tattoos. And I'm certainly not trying to judge those who do or don't have them. I'm just being bold enough to say that before we pass judgement, we need to seek out more of the story.

Jesus was a perfect example of this. Think of the accounts in the Gospels where Jesus "ran into" someone who was socially unacceptable. Do we read about him passing judgement (when he very well had the right to....I mean, he is God in flesh)? Do we read about him pointing fingers and telling all his friends about the outcast? Do we read about him blasting people with hatred? NO, NO, NO. We read about love. Love of God's children. Love of the lost. Love of the hurting. Love of our brothers and sisters.

So, a reminder for all of us (me too), be quick to LOVE and slow to judge.


darcy said...

I love that you got this tattoed on yourself. =) You need a daily reminder, beautiful girl. I love you!!

Dina said...

Thanks has been a 2-year thought process. It is a very good reminder, a daily reminder. Love you too!