Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crazy Love

So I'm reading this book, Crazy Love by Francis Chan, with our senior high small groups at church. I have mixed emotions about this book. The gist of the book is God's crazy love for us and how we need to share that with Jesus to the world, if you will. The mix comes with a deep-down passion to do just that, love like Jesus loves, but I have a fear of what loving someone like that will do to me.

I have learned SO MUCH about love over the past few months. (those of you that read this blog or talk with me know exactly what I'm talking about.) And I am completely blown away by God's unfailing love. I can't believe how God constantly pours his love out on me, on those around me, on those who don't even acknowledge him. And, all He wants in return, is for us to share that love with others.

Now, when I love, I love all-out. I love my family, my friends, my students, the youth....I love them. I do my best to show that love. But, I'm wrestling with when I love, is it really (I mean REALLY) unconditional? Do I love people when they aren't easy to love? Do I hide from love when it hurts? Do I love the "unloveable"?

I get caught up in the way the world defines love - love when it benefits me. Love if I will get some glory out of it. Love if it makes me look good. Love because others are watching. And wouldn't you know, just when I get comfy with my conditions on love, God throws a curveball. He puts somenone in my path that I want to avoid, but I can't help but love them. It could be a friend, foe, or complete stranger. It ticks me off sometimes because it is never convenient.

Then I remember God's crazy love for me. He doesn't have to love me. But, he chooses to love me. And I'm sure I'm not easy to love all the time. In fact, I know I'm not! That is the example that we have to follow: to lay ourselves aside and love.

Because that is what God does for us.