Thursday, May 15, 2008


Many of you know that I am a 5th grade teacher. Well, the end of any school year (we have 10 more days) brings SO MUCH CHAOS! I feel like I am going hour-by-hour and sometimes even minute-by-minute. Last night I got to bed at 1:00 AM! Today has been rough. My kids are getting super chatty, knowing that summer is just around the corner - I can't blame them. However, we still have things to get done.

This week has been exceptionally busy for me. Here's the rundown (mind you I have been at school by 6:45 AM at the latest each day):

Monday - school (begin lit. circles), McDonald's Teacher night, walk with mom

Tuesday - school (Middle School orientation, nails, staff retirement dinner (missed Bible study)

Wednesday - school (testing, DARE dog, DARE Graduation practice, DARE Graduation), visit friend who had a baby, HS small groups, stayed and visited way too late

Thursday - school (testing), work out, walk with mom, basketball practice, grade papers

Friday - school (Field Day, games, snake program), crash at home

Why am I running down my list you ask? Well, notice what is missing from every day but one....God time. I hate when I get so busy that I miss out on my God time. Or should I say, "I hate when I push my God time back to make room for other things." It has been evident to me too. I am grouchy and moody and emotional and tired. I am not ever being refreshed.

Chaos. It makes me crazy. I just want to stop and make myself make time for what my soul needs. I wonder when I will really do it?


Jess said...

Good gravy girl!!! you are swamped! but you need to make time for yourself and God most importantly so you have the energy to serve him :) love you tons!

jenn said...

oh dina, what a busy girl you are! i pray that you find the rest you need in God. He is waiting for you. i know i have missed seeing you :). love ya lots...m.e.

*~Niki G~* said...

You are definitely not alone!! You are a busy girl, hope it slows down soon for you!

Kari Winkelman said...

It is funny (in a God sort of way) that on vacation I was really evaluating my life and relationship with God (or lack there of) and really realizing that I am missing something really important in my life and then yesterday at church Kent spoke on being so busy with our lives that we don't make our time with our Heavenly Father the number one priority and at that moment I realized that everything that I once had in my life to help keep be accountable (my women's bible study, and a accountability partner) was missing because life got busy and I took out the most important thing to make room for stuff. I guess what I am trying to say in a long winded sort of way is that your blog is just another whisper from God telling me that I need to get my priorities in line. Thanks for being honest and helping another sister in Christ out. Love ya!