Saturday, September 06, 2008

Moving on

So many changes have come my way recently. Some are big and some are small, but it is reminding me that God does not want me to get comfortable. I know I disappeared from the blog world this summer, but it was good. Actually I didn't spend much time online at all and it was nice - not to have this and myspace and email and facebook to worry about. But, more on that later. Like I said earlier, lots of changes.

1. I moved! My roomie sold her house, so I had to move. I know it was a huge blessing for the house to sell, but I am a little sad. Sad that I will be leaving the bond that Jenn and I had. The past 2.5 years as her roomie have been a true blessing. God totally knew that I needed to be there. Jenn was the best roomie I have had (and I have had some great roomies). I will miss knocking on her door every morning of the work week to say "bye, love you, have a good day". I will miss our unexpected roomie nights. I will miss hearing her laugh at the simple things. I will miss finding her asleep on the couch for an after-work nap. I will miss her jogs in the living room. Most of all, i will miss her company. I know we will see each other, but it won't be the same. The move has not completely registered with me. I am living with some friends of mine for a few months and then planning to buy a house in Syracuse.

2. No more middle school bball coaching! This is a shocker to most of the people who know me. I have coached for 5 years and have felt a call to move on for a time. For some reason my heart was not in it last season. I love bball, I love coaching, and I love the interaction I have with the girls. BUT, something was missing last season. I have always promised myself, in working with kids, that I will take a break when my heart isn't in something. I don't know if/when I will coach again, but I know that God has a plan.

3. School is back! This makes me so happy. I LOVE MY JOB! I am blessed to be in a profession that I love, that God has molded me for, and that I look forward to every day. This is the first year that I have taught the same grade as I did the previous year. It is strange, but it is a good strange. My new group of kids is fun and we are beginning to get settled in and develop a comfort with one another.

4. I have a computer again! I know this may seem odd, but I have missed (at times) not having a computer. The people I am living with had an extra laptop and they have wireless, so they hooked me up. Hopefully I will have my own computer in the next month or two. It is good be in touch with people again.

5. (this is probably the biggest one for me) 5 of my girls are in college! Many of you know that I led a girls' Bible study the past 5.5 years. Well, of my 7 girls, 5 left for college a few weeks ago. We had one last hurrah this summer and went to Chicago for the weekend (and saw Wicked). I have spent countless hours with these girls over the last 5 years and it has come to an end. God blessed my life so much through each one of these girls. What a blessing to be a part of each of their lives, watch them grow up, see them develop in their relationship with Jesus, and become young women.

6. A call to ministry! The Lord has placed a burden on my heart for jr/sr high girls ministry. What does this mean for me? I have no idea. But I have been praying that God will lead me, provide opportunities to minister, and help me to reach out to these girls. It is sure to be an exciting journey.

So, lots of moves happening in my life. It is so good. I'm grateful that I serve a God that allows me to be uncomfortable. It is my prayer that HE will lead me and direct my every step as I head into the next season of life.


Ponz and Lil Ponz said...

Dina...lots of changes going on in your life. God is good. Be sure to continue to trust in him and he will provide. Glad your back. I missed ya!

Nichole said...

wow, girl lots of changes going on. I miss you. your wisdom always came at a perfect time.

Glad that God is moving and you are happy and comfortable with all these changes.

Lee and Becca said...

missed hearing your heart online.. :)

Angela said...

Glad to read about everything since we haven't had (or haven't taken) a chance to get together and catch up. Miss you tons! Love ya!