Thursday, September 25, 2008


As many of you know, I am a teacher. I love my job, and I mean it, I LOVE my job! I seriously cannot think of any better way to spend a day than with 23 students who are so awesome. I teach 5th grade and am doing this for the second year in a row. It is the first time I have taught the same grade two years in a row and it rocks. My kids are absolutely amazing. I am constantly learning from them. They are so honest. Therefore, it is a privilege to be accepted into their lives - humbling actually.

So, this year, I am faced with some things I never thought about encountering. I have some students that come from homes that I cannot fathom. When they step into my room, I can see the hurt in their eyes and can feel their desire for love. And, every day I ask God, "What is my role in this child's life?" Because, honestly, I know that I need to be more than a teacher. Maybe I need to be a listener. Maybe I need to be a disciplinarian. Maybe I need to be the person that shows these kids that someone does love them and care about them. Maybe my classroom is the only safe place that they have. Maybe school is the most positive environment that these kids will ever know.

I came home today with a heavy heart for my kids. Am I doing what God has planned for me each day? Am I showing these kids the love of Jesus? Am I teaching my kids to be compassionate and understanding of kids who don't come from a home that "has it all together"?

So, I pray. Lord Jesus, help me to love these kids while I have them. Open my eyes to what each student needs. Make it clear to me, the chances that you are giving me to impact the lives of each child. Lord, help me to provide a place where each person is valued as a human being. And Jesus, remind me constantly that these kids are a blessing (no matter how the day goes). Amen


darcy said...

You are such an amazing teacher, D. You teach for the RIGHT reasons and I wish every teacher had a heart like you. Smooches.

Angela said...

Wow--we're on the same page (imagine that!). I just thought to myself not even an our ago that I don't always show God's love to my students. I get frustrated and end up being a jerk when I know that for some of them, all they are ever exposed to are jerks. I ditto your prayer! I've always had the philosophy that teaching is a ministry. It's the mission field I am called to be on. Let's help keep each other accountable for our actions as teachers. Love you tons!

jenn said...

you rock dina!!! love ya lots..m.e.