Saturday, September 13, 2008

football with a friend

Today was a good day. I got up, ate some Cocoa Dinobites, worked out, took a nap, and hung out with a good friend.

Over the last few years AJ and I have become pretty great friends. We both love sports and that is so nice to have a friend to share that with. We spent the day together watching college football and it was great. The other thing I love about my friendship with AJ is that I can completely be myself. We share our lives with each other and always talk about how God is working in our lives. It is a great encouragement.

So, why am I posting this . . . God is so good. This girl, AJ, is someone I have known since highschool. She played bball for a rival team. And, I really didn't like her in highschool. But, isn't it just like God to take two changed people and place them in one another's lives at a totally different point down the road and connect them. It is awesome to have a friend that I can share my heart with or sit around and laugh with.

So, thank you God for an amazing friend and for opening my eyes to a changed person. You are wonderful!

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Nichole said...

God is good like this.