Monday, March 08, 2010

Quick Puppy Update

Linus is now 4 months old. I just took him to the vet tonight....he gets the "snip" first thing in the morning. I thought I would post some pics for everyone. He is super sweet. He is a loyal companion. We go for walks. He knows "sit" "stay" "heal" "go potty" and "Let's go for a ride!"

I truly feel like he has been a blessing. I was starting to get settled and a little lonely this winter in my house. Along came Linus for a deal. Feel free to stop by and see him....he loves to meet new people (and it's good for the training).


jenn m.e. said...

he is absolutely adorable!!! if i were home i come visit him, but most importantly to see you ;). love ya...m.e.

shiloh said...

ahh! he's so awesome:) does he sleep in bed with you?

Dina said...

he sleeps on the floor. not a fan of dogs on furniture. plus he is gonna be the same size as my bed some day. hahaha