Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Finding Peace

So, I realize that I haven't finished the second part of my summer (and my roomie is waiting for my next post). Let me preface this by saying that God is so good and he knows exactly what we need and exactly when we need it.

My summer ended with me ready to move on in my church life. I adored the church that I was attending, but it wasn't meeting my needs as a 27-year-old single person. I have known for the last year that I needed to find a group of young adults to get involved with, but I kept putting it off for various reasons. One major reason was guilt, not conviction, guilt. I realized that this guilt was satan's way of fighting against what God was trying to teach me and where God was trying to lead me. No one at my previous church did anything to make me "feel" guilty, it was just satan warping my mind.

The first big step I took this summer was stepping down as a youth leader at my previous church. I love youth ministry, I love my kids, but I was spreading myself too thin and loosing sight of Jesus. It was a tough decision....probably one of the hardest decisions I've had to make for a while. It wasn't too bad though. I had two of my mentors, Tim and Kim, in prayer for me and I knew that they were praying for God's will to be done.

The second big step that I took was to church shop. I like this term for several reasons. I looked at it like grocery shopping: when you grocery shop you go to the store looking for what you need. That is what I did. I looked for a church that had a young adult group, a youth ministry that I may get involved with, a consistent pastor, music (God speaks to me this way), and a vision to grow God's church and not just their congregation.

I visited a few new churches and revisited some churches I had been to before. It didn't take long. I am now attending the NWUMC and I love it! I look forward to going to church, worshipping, meeting new faces, and being part of something. There are opportunities to get involved, but I am waiting on God's lead. I have had several confirmations that this is where I belong...for now...and I feel totally at peace.

Yes, leaving the familiarity of Red Zone was tough. Yes, there were times when I really doubted that decisions. Yes, it was hard to look at people and know that they may be hurt or confused about my decision. BUT God kept me at peace. I had to focus on HIM to get me through. I had to constantly seek HIM out and follow his lead. And, you know what? It worked.

Isaiah 26:3 You [God] will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you [God].

This verse became real to me this summer. It is still very real to me. I cannot imagine what would be happening in my life if I din't focus on the Lord. WHere would I be? Would I get to experience the perfect peace that Isaiah talks about? I don't know. What I do know is that I am experiencing peace and I don't want to be anyhwere else.


jenn said...

yea roomie...another wonderful post!!! i am so glad we had that serious discussion last night...ha ha :). but really, i am so glad you found the courage and peace in God to take such steps. i just continue to watch you grow and learn from you as well. love ya blobs!!!...m.e.

Dina said...

You are too cute jeffener...Smooches!

Jess said...

great great post!!! i am glad that jenn threatened you because i really learn lots from your post!! love you tons and tons!

Angela said...

Glad you "finished" your post from the summer. :) You rock!! Love ya!

Niki G said...

I so glad you had a good summer experience ;) Great job on following what God wanted even though it was hard! You inspire me :)

Kevin said...

DINA!!!!! I miss you!!! I totally miss our hugs!! they are the best!! I definitely check in on your blog from time to time so it's nice to see you update it once in a while. i try to get on it once a week. I read your blog once and i just wanted to hug you!! you are so awesome and such a wonderful person, and so smart being a bears fan, too bad they suck this year, but that's beside point. I hope God continues to work in your life and speak to you in the way that only He can...blessings to you!! and if you are ever in Indy, let me know so we can do lunch or dinner!!

Nichole said...

ok, so you are one amazing girl. totally miss hangin out. I am always impressed by you willingness to follow god's calling without any doubt. you ROCK girlfriend!!!

Jess said...

You've been tagged :):):) Love you tons!