Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mission Served

Birmingham, Alabama is HOTTTTTT! I spent the week of the 13th-20th there with our youth group. We were on our mission trip and worked with an organization called Mission Serve.

Some cool things about this trip:

1. We took the church bus all the way!
2. We were mixed up with kids and adults from 8 different states.
3. Consider was the worship band all week.
4. I met some amazing adults and kids.
5. I met Ms. Betty Taylor, a.k.a. Momma.
6. God used each one of us to do HIS work.
7. I turned 29 (and only cried once about it).
8. We washed feet.
9. We did volunteer work on our free day.
10. I let go and let God!

My final thoughts about this trip came down to one amazing thing: God brings HIS people together for HIS good. I was amazed at how quickly relationships were formed and bonds were made. I keep in touch with several of the kids from my team. I have talked to Momma on the phone. I am in touch with Courtney, new friend from TX, just about daily. None of this could have been done on my is only by God's amazing planning that this happened.

And I am changed because of it.

Front row: Megan, Momma, Courtney Middle Row: Tessa, Me, Wilson, Maranda, Lauren, Mark Back Row: Tanner, Garrett, Will, Joey


Sara said...

So stinkin awesome!! I love this! I love everything about it. Happy birthday my friend!!

Lee and Becca said...

When you gonna post pics of your recent purchase? :)