Monday, August 15, 2011

Where I belong

Little did I know 5 months ago when I walked into Vineyard Community Church in Syracuse, that I was walking into my new church home. It was very welcoming, alive, and REAL! I knew a few faces, including Shannon. She had been asking when I was going to check out Vineyard, so I did.

There have been several moments over that past 5 months to confirm that I am where I belong. Yesterday was the icing on the cake. It was Family Worship Day...a day when the whole family stays for the entire worship service (usually kids 4th grade and under go to children's ministry). I was blown away! The church does this to emphasize the importance of family!!!!! Seriously, this is something that is disappearing from churches if you ask me.

Worship was let by kids - I'm guessing they were 5th-7th graders, if that. The sermon was about "Cultivating a Hear of Obedience." Pastor Sheldon explained that we have to be role models in life, words, and love. This is not possible without God!

As a teacher, this really hit home as today is the first day of school (students come tomorrow). And if the sermon wasn't enough, ministry time just added to it. It was an interactive prayer time: praying over students, teachers, children's ministry team members, youth pastors, youth volunteers..... It was the first time in 10 years that a church has done this. My spirit was moved, tears were streaming down my face. During each part, we were encouraged to move around the room and lay hands on those we were praying for. My feet were stuck! I was so overwhelmed with the recognition of this mission field called school. I was humbled to have hands laid on me, prayers over me for my school year.

The heart of Vineyard is a weekly reminder that I am where I belong. God planted me where HE needs me to be too.


Shannon said...

This made my eyes fill up with tears :) I love you friend!

Jess said...

Praise God for his greatness! I love seeing His plan unfold in your life! Love you!!

Angie said...

It makes me so happy that you are where you belong at the Vineyard. We love having you and I look forward to getting to know you more and more :)

ccoy13 said...

Hooray for finding your church home! :D