Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Start of Something

I'm starting the new year with 2, yes 2, daily "things" and a NEW blog, 365 Days of 2011, that you can view here.

I know it is rather cliche' to start new things with a new year, but it makes sense. I mean, it is a NEW year so why not start something NEW. Seriously it's a no-brainer!

So, what are my new things you ask.... Well I have vowed to take a picture every day. I am also reading through the Bible, one day at a time, for the entire year!!! I have 4 chapters down and a lot more to go.

Why, you ask, did I decide these 2 things. I'll tell you..... Reading through the Bible in a year is something I have always wanted to try. So much so that I have attempted it at least 4 times before this. This time is different. I have a deep down desire to do this, to develop discipline, to spend daily time in the Word. The pictures, well I have a great camera and I just don't use it enough. So I am challenging myself to take a picture every day. I am by no means a photographer, but I like to take pics.

There you have it. The start of something new. I am going to try to be more consistent about posting on here too. So, feel free to hassle me if I am not.

Much love to you who read and HAPPY 2011!

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jenn said...

i'm excited about this for you dina!!! i'll be checking in on your consistency with it when i can. well, just because i love seeing what you have to share ;). love you...m.e.