Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sometimes you hear something...

...and you NEED to share.

I have heard speakers from many different organizations.  I have supported ministries near and far.  I have sponsored children.  I have several friends serving in the mission field near and far.  I say that I have a heart for the work that God is doing.  And I hold my head up, almost proud of myself for being so "aware" of the world and supportive of God's work.

Tonight I had a MAJOR reality check.  I had heard about this organization, but tonight I learned about Destiny Rescue (click to learn more).  David Grant, a friend of mine, recently began working for Destiny Rescue.  He was speaking tonight at "That Thing" at Epworth Forest.  He shared a story...a story about a family who sells their daughter to a man who promises help and money and a job for her.  And it was a lie!  What the man did was bought the daughter and put her to work in a brothel.  I cried, sobbed the entire time that David was speaking and we were seeing video clips about the sex trafficking that is taking place.  I heard an astounding statistic - "EVERY 26 SECONDS another child is trafficked, most sold into sexual slavery."  I did the math, that is about 138 children PER HOUR!  It makes my stomach churn.

My heart is heavy.  As I watched those videos and listened to David speak I couldn't help but think, "those girls remind me of my students, or so-and-so's child."  It hit me in a personal spot...children.  I love children so much.  I cannot imagine what these children, innocent children, are going through.  And it happens to another every 26 seconds.

I can honestly say that this cause is important.  I have friends who have been to these countries and volunteered with organizations that are fighting sex trafficking.  And I will admit, until tonight, that I had NO IDEA how little me could help.

I am praying.  Praying for God's direction in how I can help.  I would encourage you to check out this organization.  There are MANY WAYS that you can help.  I would ask that you start by praying.  Pray for God to move.  Pray for people to take a stand against sex trafficking.  Pray for a heart that breaks for these girls and boys.  Pray for a way to help.

In the time that it took me to write this, 40 children were trafficked.


Angela Deak said...

I always felt lead to go on one of the mission trips. Now I REALLY want to go.... Spring 2013?!

kimmy said...

I have been very interested in learning more about Destiny Rescue. I'd love to hear one of their presentations. Sounds like this was a tremendous and emotional experience. My heart, too, goes out and aches for these children.
Kim Evans

Jess said...

It is an incredible organization! God is stirring you for a reason! thanks so much for sharing and spreading the news about this organization!