Saturday, March 09, 2013


It was love at first sight.  A little over 3 years ago, the most precious thing came into my home.  He was sweet, inquisitive, snuggly, and playful.  He would curl up on my lap, with his favorite blue blanket in tow. 

Today he is still that same sweet, inquisitive, snuggly, and playful guy.  And he still likes to curl up on my lap with a blanket, his head is the only thing that fits.  Because...HE WEIGHS 160 POUNDS! 

Linus is my bull mastiff who is more mastiff than bull.  He is the most gentle giant I have ever known.  He has grown to be a very obedient, loyal, loving, and protective friend.  Everyone in the neighborhood loves him.  When we go for walks, he must stop so that he can say hi to his friends (humans and dogs).  He gets excited when my family comes to visit.  He jumps and barks and twists with joy!

I honestly could not imagine my life without my puppy.  We have had some great times and I look forward to many more.

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Chris H. said...

Awww. From one dog lover to another, I know what you mean. There is no love greater than a dog's. I was recently listening to Oprah's interview of Panache Desai. At one point, they discussed animals. The talked about why it's so easy to love pets and nature: it's because they are in harmony with themselves. They said, "Your dog isn't thinking about yesterday or what it needs to do tomorrow. When you come into the room, it's seeing YOU--it's just there, present in the moment. We have have the ability to be that way. The more we embrace who we are, the more we can flow with life...then things become possible that were once impossible for us." My favorite quote on this subject about how WE are the ONLY species not in harmony with ourselves is, "Cows don't go to self-help seminars, do they?" Neither do dogs. :)

jenb. said...

Oh Goodness Gracious! He is SO HANDSOME! I love mastiffs. I love dogs. I would give anything to have one, but I just don't have the space or time to be a good dog owner right now. Someday! :) Thanks for sharing Linus with all of us slicers!

Jennifer said...

Oh, Linus :) Mallory enjoyed seeing these pictures this morning.

Jennifer said...

Oh, Linus :) What a good dog.Mallory enjoyed seeing these pictures this morning.

Deb Gaby said...

You know I LOVE Linus and I haven't even met him yet. I'm so glad he is in your life. Such a sweetie. Glad you wrote about him. The photograph of him with snow on his face is too cute. Just want to give him a hug. You too!

Dfitz said...

I love Linus! Sure hope to meet him someday.