Friday, March 08, 2013

March Madness!

I love March for 2 reasons: green and basketball!  You see, today I put up my March bulletin board.  It's not completely done because it is waiting for the beloved NCAA tournament brackets.

Each year, I get to share my love of basketball with the kiddos in my class.  We talk about statistics, probability, and "Cinderella stories" in the world of basketball.  We take time to review the basketball season, go over each team's record, and discuss the level of competition that they have had.

Then we fill out our brackets.  Most of my kids have never done anything like it before.  Anyone who is part of our classroom family fills one out (students, teachers, the principal, student teacher...).

Next, they get hung on the bulletin board with two blank brackets in the middle.  These are where I fill in the actual tournament results for men and women, even though we only fill out the men's bracket as a class.  As the tournament progresses, I mark each bracket.  Every win earns a point.

This bulletin board becomes the hub of 5th grade for the month.  It is exciting to hear the kids talk about basketball, talk about their choices, and see who picks the right teams.

The winner gets a 2L of their choice.  Nothing too fancy, but they love.

I love basketball.  More than that, I love sharing my love of basketball with my students!

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2 comments: said...

It sounds like a fun month in your classroom!

Christina said...

I love basketball as well. I love the Cinderella stories. I live in New Zealand and we have our own Cinderella boy who is trying to make it big in basketball. His name is Stephen Adams, he is playing college basketball. I hope he makes an NBA team.