Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Magic Blanket


I received a gift from my great grandma when I was born.  It is a blanket, but not just your ordinary baby blanket.  Nope.  This blanket is big, HUGE.  And it is pink.  It has been my magic blanket for over 32 years.

My great grandma was a super special woman in my life.  She loved with a quiet love.  She served others with a heart of gold.  She baked, anything and everything!  And she made us some very memorable things.

I treasure the blanket that she made for me.  It has traveled many places, accompanied me during many naps, provided warmth, comfort, and security.

Over the years it has had some serious wear.  Parts had become super thin and holey.  My grandma (great gma's daughter) gave my blanket some love.  She put a new backing on it, over the original so that I would still have it.  She also added a silky pink edge.  Not long after that surgery, the front panels began to tear.  My dear friend, Shannon, put a new front panel on my blanket.  She also did a bit of reconstruction.  She took the entire blanket apart, realigned every piece (old and new), and machine sewed every part back together.   She added one very special touch.  She cut a corner from the original backing and sewed it on the outside.

I love it.  My blanket is super thick.  It is thick with material, memories, and love.  Here's to another 32 years!

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Delilah said...

What a special gift from your grandmother. I love that your blanket is thick with material and memories and love! I enjoyed reading your slice today.

Ruth Ayres said...

The idea of your blanket being "thick" is appealing...both in the concrete and abstract ways.

Dina said...

Oh Ruth, i will have to share about that abstract thickness when we have lunch.

Deb Gaby said...

Love, love, love. I like your use of words..."magic blanket" and "quiet love". What a grandma! Your post right away had me thinking of Patricia Polacco and The Keeping Quilt.