Friday, March 01, 2013

Slice of Life

Thanks to my sweet friend, Ruth, I shall be participating in this month's Slice of Life Challenge via her wordpress site found here

To begin, today was pajama day at my school.  Everyone was in their jammies and everyone looked happy.  It really is the small things.  I love being in my jammies.  There is comfort in my jammies.  What is it about those plaid flannel pants, an old t-shirt, and big hoodie, and slippers?  I think for me, I feel most like me in them.  I am a pretty laid back, easy-going, comfortable person.  I like my jammies. 


Donna said...

Hi, Dina! Welcome to the March Slice of Life Challenge! It sounds like you really enjoyed PJ day! I'm excited to read more about the goings on in your life this month.
I am also here to help you linking your blog in the Slice comment box. You have linked to your main page, and you want to link to your individual slice url. Your first one is:
To get that unique url each time, you need to click on your daily post's title and get to the page where just this post is showing. Then copy and paste that url into the Slice of Life comment box. If you are still having any trouble with it, you can email me at djtsmith at gmail dot com and I'll help you get to where you need to be!
Meanwhile, welcome aboard! It's a fun ride through March!

Ramona said...

Dina, I love pajama day too. And we haven't had one at school this year. I declared one of my days of break pajama day - always a delightful cozy day. Welcome to our slicing community!

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

Pajama day is a favorite at our school. Just as you say, something about it makes everyone seem very much more relaxed. I wish I could show up in Jammie's, myself, but my sixth grade students would not appreciate it, I think! They need me in teacher lady garb!