Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Technology makes me want to scream

My internet was down all afternoon and evening yesterday.  It worked just fine in the morning.  I got to school (school got cancelled), did some work, then came home to do some work here at home.

And my internet was down!

I had plans, things to do, writing to post, thoughts to share.

God had other plans.

I spent the day just relaxing, not worrying about making a post or reading the news or checking in on the Fight Club page.  I just relaxed.  I even took a nap.

I am enjoying the SOL challenge, but I am also learning that it's okay to miss a day.  I needed to learn that.  I am too eager to "compete", often times getting worried or stressed.

So, while I truly did want to scream at my internet (and actually may have screamed) just a tiny bit, I am grateful for an afternoon and evening of rest.

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