Sunday, March 10, 2013

The 1/2 Way Point

I am half way there!  Where is that, you ask? 

I am half way through my Fight Club Pink!

No, it is not an underground club where women fight.  I could never do that!  hahaha!  It is a challenged through my church.  It started 5 weeks ago and we have 5 weeks left.  Each week we have spiritual, physical, emotional, and lifestyle challenges.  We have ground rules and 4 things we have to fast from during the 10 weeks.  Breaking a rule, breaking a fast, or not completing challenges results in a strike.  3 strikes, you're out!

It has been good, great at times.  I am getting stronger.  I am learning to love being a daughter of God.  I am becoming more disciplined with my time.  I am staying committed, even when it gets really hard!

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Brian Kelley said...

Congratulations on your success and commitment! I love hearing about these life challenges not for the challenge itself, but in the fact that you are indeed another human being exploring what you could be...the possibilities...and doing it in the joy of other people. Good Luck!