Saturday, March 23, 2013

power of prayer

Prayer is powerful.

One of my favorite times at a youth conference is prayer time.  There is power in seeing a huddle, big or small, of teens and leaders in prayer.

God hears everyone one of them.  Spoken.  Unspoken.  He hears them.

This morning, as the girls are waking from a short night of sleep, there is joy.  Joy that prayer was answered.

Prayer for physical healing,
emotional victory,
spiritual refreshment.

Prayer is powerful!

How can I pray for you?

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Anonymous said...

God hears everyone one of them. Spoken. Unspoken. He hears them.

He does.

Thanks so much for the reminder.

I am so grateful that He does!

Andrea said...

This was always my favorite part of retreats as a youth group member. There is something about the community that makes this prayer time feel like a big hug.

Kay said...

There is something especially powerful about praying teens and children. We end our youth Sunday School class with a huddled prayer, and I am always humbled at what they pray.